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Subject: Mycorrhizal Dependency in Arisaema
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Dear all

I now that certain Orchids depend on soil fungi to germinate and grow wel=l,
I believe they use the fungi for nutrients. I didn't thought that soil fu=ngi
were impotent for Arisaema's. But a while ago I read an article and they were sayin=g
(if I understand it correct )that Arisaema atrorubens (triphyllum) also
depend on soil fungi for his nutrients.
Does anybody now if this is correct.
In the last few years have I given my Arisaema plant, fungicide against s=oil
fungi. But when the article is correct then I am destroying the soil fung=i
that supply the Arisaema with nutrients. I have never seen an Arisaema di=e
after giving him fungicide, but you don't kill all the fungi in the soil =and
maybe de plant will grow larger without the treatment.
Please advise before the next growing season.


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