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Thanks, Tony--You're confirming my belief that if I keep these close to t=he
foundation of my house (basement temps inside never go below 60), the
radiated heat through the foundation may keep the soil temps 6-12 inches
from the foundation at tolerable levels  even  when winter goes to  -20
F,.My  former experience in Berkeley Ca , was that they grew in extremely
dry clay soil throughout summer with maybe only two  waterings and that t=he
roots formed a nearly impenetrable mat about 3 inches deep.   Of course,
winter was no problem there.   Adam Fikso, in Glenview, IL, USDA  Zone
a:  -23 F to l09F.

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> Jim:
>         All Zantedeschia aethiopica cultivars should be good to -5 to -=8 F
in the
> ground for short bursts at this temp.  Prolonged cold much below 0 degr=ees
> F would probably require a mulch for safe passage into next spring.  If
> buy into the global warming scenario, you should now be a zone 6b/7a an=d

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