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Subject: Re: Chen Yi's erubescens #5
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In message <LAW2-F46Em1hHVYZTWw0001bc66 at>, Keith La Rocque
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>Hello all,
>   I am just wondering if anyone received A. erubescens(5) from China. I
>have one in flower right now and I am curious as to it's identity. I kno=w
>thet it is assumed to be consanguineum, but it is huge and has upward fa=cing
>"spines" on the spadix. The whole inflorecence is green, except the very=tip
>of the hood(brownish). The leaves are the typical wheel spokes.
>  Thank you guys.........
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Yes, I bought it recently and your description fits mine exactly, but
it's nothing like the erubescens I photographed in northern Nepal some
years ago.
Anne Chambers

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