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Yes,  my A. fargesii just came up and several batches of assorted
seedlings that I planted out last year have finally broken ground
while my native A. triphyllum is setting seed.  Seems that different
species are on different time schedules and where you are probably
has something to do with it.

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
mtalt at
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> From: irisman <irisman at AMERITECH.NET>
> Question:   .  Do arisaemas come up as late as right now for
anyone?  My A.
> ringens came up last week with one leaf .  (should I continue to
wait for
> other stuff (some Chen Yi, some Hornig, some Heronswood) or look
> to see what's going on.?
>   Adam Fikso in Glenview, IL

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