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Petra.  Very impressive!. I assume that these were selected (preferred an=d
representative forms).   I'm wondering if this lab sends back clones big
enough to flower., routinely.

Question:   .  Do arisaemas come up as late as right now for anyone?  My =A.
ringens came up last week with one leaf .  (should I continue to wait for
other stuff (some Chen Yi, some Hornig, some Heronswood) or look undergro=und
to see what's going on.?

Adam Fikso in Glenview, IL

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Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2002 2:44 PM
Subject: Tissue Culture Arisaema

> Just wanted to pass along that we now have two species of Arisaema
> successfully tissue cultured, A. ringens and A. serratum.  The serratum
> arrived from the lab with one plantlet actually in flower with a fully
> developed inflorescence (all went through a dormany period before being
> shipped to us).  The clones are tc'd from dormant eyes on the tuber so =the
> plantlets are from meristem and not callus.  Will keep you posted on th=e
> tissue culturing of arisaema...
> Petra
> Petra Schmidt
> Research/Special Projects Manager
> Juniper Level Botanic Garden @ Plant Delights Nursery
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> Raleigh, NC 27603-9326
> petra at
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