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> From:    Susan Cox <snalice at CNMNETWORK.COM>
> You mentioned that you pull the seed heads before they ripen.  Do you
> know if this practice deters Arisaema from reverting back to male after
> producing seed?

I guess Wong/Yinger (a hybrid?) answered that question.

From:    "Andy Y.S. Wong" <asiatica at NNI.COM> aka Barry Yinger
> Removing the seed head will help maintain its size and female status.

And since Wong/Yinger says "Excellent culture and high fertility will
produce a population of females" I guess that I'm just "lucky" enough to
have the right conditions.  In the patch of my oldest, largest plants, 10
out of 12 have set seed.

Now here is my question:  Am I likely to end up with 100% female
plants?  Then what?--no more seed set?

In the other patch, all the plants bloomed but only two out of nine set
seed, and these are the biggest plants.


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