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Christopher Gussman OlgaChrisEmily at MSN.COM
Fri Jan 25 02:09:00 CET 2002

Thank you for the warm (and flattering!)welcome to the Arisaema list!!!  =I have been watching the list for several months and enjoy the interestin=g and diverse subjects that come up.  What is your part of Australia like=??  Thanks again and best wishes!   -Chris
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From: Paul Garrett, Canberra Australia -6C
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Welcome Christopher (from another recent member and long-time lurker).  I=f you get as much from this list as I do, I know you'll stick around.

For others: This guy sounds like a real find! Let's keep him and give Ray=, Jim, and Ellen a spotters fee.

Paul Garrett
Canberra, Australia (Zone 8 .... sort of)

> From: Christopher Gussman

>>snip>>I have a very mixed plant-related background, I have
> worked as a grower at a commercial nursery, managed a scientific resear=ch
> greenhouse laboratory, worked in biological laboratories, plant-related
> research projects involving plant genetics. I am currently in the
> environmental field involved with phytoremediation and restoration projìts.
> My home property is not large, and I also have a fondness for Hosta, va=rious
> native plants, Mountain laurel, vegetable garden, and native azaleas an=d
> hybrids. I look forward to future correspondence!!  Special thanks to R=ay,
> Jim, and Ellen!!
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