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Christopher Gussman olgachrisemily at MSN.COM
Thu Jan 24 02:18:13 CET 2002

Hello fellow Arisaemaphiles-
I just joined this list and wish to post an introduction!  I always liked
this Genus and grew our native triphyllum, including a LATE emerging dark
form which has been frustatingly slow to propagate.  I also purchased a
single sikokianum many years ago which persisted beautifully for many years
and then disapeared.  I always admired the others, but was in transit
through college, apartments etc (and poor at the same time).  I finally
purchased my own home (New Jersey, zone 6) and starting searching for
Ariseama, which eventually brought me to this list.  At this time I only can
take credit for established triphyllum, but this past autumn I purchased one
or two each of some other species to see which I like and which do well for
me(candidissimum, fargessii, amurense, consanguineum), and also traded for
two "selections" of triphyllum and seeds.  I now have triphyllum seedlings
growing under lights (first time I germinated them in pots), and hope to
expand a bit soon.  I have been reading the listserve for many months and
just now joined.  I have a very mixed plant-related background, I have
worked as a grower at a commercial nursery, managed a scientific research
greenhouse laboratory, worked in biological laboratories, plant-related
research projects involving plant genetics. I am currently in the
environmental field involved with phytoremediation and restoration projects.
My home property is not large, and I also have a fondness for Hosta, various
native plants, Mountain laurel, vegetable garden, and native azaleas and
hybrids. I look forward to future correspondence!!  Special thanks to Ray,
Jim, and Ellen!!

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