Introduction of self to group and reply.

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Wed Jan 2 18:39:32 CET 2002

Good morning, Gene.--  Thanks for the welcome.
I am  interested, particularly , in the one that is regarded by some as a
variant, and by others as a distinct species from triphyllum. (Can't thik of
the name right now.)  Has white raised striped areas on the back of the
spathe.,  Looks different enough to me to be a separate species.   But, last
time I went to Louisville, it was more than 6 hours (even without road
Are there some Dracunclus vulgaris that aren't so  stinky?    Anybody
doing any hybridizing of these things?   I imagine that some would be

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> Hello Adam,
>     Welcome to the group. I am about 5 to 5 1/2 hours drive south of you,
> and believe me, there is no shortage of Arisaema to grow in your garden.
> Quite a few aroids as well. There is a list of what is and is not hardy to
> use as a reference before ordering tubers.
>     I am a fan of species iris, manage to collect a new one each year, and
> find a location in the garden. The eastern US natives are nice to play
>     If you ever get pointed in the direction of Louisville, KY, I am in
> general neck of the woods. Come by and visit the gardens.
>     Gene E. Bush
> Munchkin Nursery & Gardens,LLC
> genebush at
> Southern Indiana     Zone 6
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> Subject: Re: Introduction of self to group
> > Hello all,
> > So far I've read this consanguineum posting and the reply to it  Looks
> > interesting.  I am  a newcomer to this group, and to arisaemas in
> general..
> > Probably won't be able to contribute much, except questions and
> invitations
> > to  inquiry. I am a retired clinical psychologist , 78 years old, have
> some
> > grown kids,  and a wife who recently bought a horse.  Have grown various
> > plants over the last 65 years, starting with orchids (don't do that  any
> > more)  Major growing interest is growing and hybridizng aril
> > irises,(starting about 30 years ago), and have this  new interest in
> aroids
> > which can be grown out of doors in the Chicago area (USDA zone 5a.)
> > Recently bought a bunch of stuff from Kaichen.  I'm eagerly awaiting
> > growth and fearing their demise..  Have a number of other related
> interests
> > , and a number of unrelated ones e.g., collecting pressed glass figural
> > candlesticks, milk glass.  Regarded by neutral observers as cranky and
> > blunt, am probably a puzzle to my kids, --more than this I can't figure
> out.
> > Am glad this group exists.   Ony learned how to manage eMails last year
> > bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers.  Regards, Adam

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