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Dear all

I thank all that have replied to me through the list and privately, I =have had
about 8 different offerings so I think that I will be able to arrange a

At this moment there are 5 species of Eminium offer for sale by =different
Eminium spiculatum seeds and
Eminium lehmanii
Eminium rauwolfii
Eminium koenenianum 
Eminium albertii
I am unable to find information about Eminium so I don't now if the =name's or descriptions are correct. 

And also let me introduce my self I live in The Netherlands, I work on a =Lilac nursery an we are doing it for the flower we don't self plants. I =think Aalsmeer is the only place in the world were the produce Lilac =flowers. And when you see Lilac's for sale the change is very large the =came from Aalsmeer. 
My interest is manly in bulbous Aroids,  I grow them in pots. In the =winter I have Arum and in de summer Arisaema and a few other species. 
I grow the following Aroids:
Arisaema 30
Ambrosina 1
Amorphophallus 15
Arisarum 6
Arum 30
Biarum 13
Dracunculus 2
Eminium 3
Helicodiceros 1 
Pinellia 5
Remusatia 1
Taccarum 1
Typhonium 1

Best Wishes,
Arno Clement

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