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The epithet "peltata" is derived from the word "pelta" which was a small
shield used by the Thracians.

So Pinellia peltata would be a Pinellia that is "shield like".

Hmmmm. Pretty much "covers" them all!

The following was taken from:


"4. Pinellia peltata PEI, Contr. Biol. Lab. Sci. Soc. China, Bot. ser. 10(=1):,
fig. 1. 1935.
=B6=DC=D2=B6=B0=EB=CF=C4 dun ye ban xia
Tuber subglobose, 1-2.5 cm in diam. Leaf 2-3. Petiole 27-33 cm; leaf blade=
peltate, deep green, ovate or oblong, short acuminate at apex, deep
cordate at base, 10-175.5-12 cm. Peduncle 7-15 cm long. Spathe yellowish
green, tube obovoid, 8 mm long; limb opening, apex obtuse, 3-4 cm =B4 5-8
mm. Spadix: female portion 8 mm long, male 6 mm; appendix ca. 10 cm
long. Berries ovoid, acute at apex seed globose.
=B7 Forest, grassy slopes, on rocks or between rocks. Fujian and Zhejiang.="

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