The Genus Arisaema - publication info

Petra Schmidt petra at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM
Thu Dec 26 13:08:48 CET 2002

Koeltz Scientific Books is handling the distribution of the book, The Genus
Arisaema: A Monograph for Botanists and Nature Lovers, by Guy and Liliane
Gusman.  ISBN 3-904144-91-X.  475 color photos; 200 line drawings; 450
pages; hardcover; price is
EUR 83.00
check their web site:
or email:  koeltz at

There was talk of it being distributed by Timber Press or NARGS or IAS,
maybe someone else can tell us if the book is available through these
sources as well.

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From: "Malcolm Thomas" <malcolmt at TIG.COM.AU>
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Subject: Re: The Genus Arisaema - Guy's book

> Petra,
> Maybe I missed an earlier string to this. Can you give us details of the
> book: eg size, color/b&w?, Publisher & Book No., Price etc.
> It sounds fascinating - I think I want one!!!
> Malcolm
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> From: "Petra Schmidt" <petra at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM>
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> Subject: The Genus Arisaema - Guy's book
> > I received an advance copy of Guy's book on Arisaema and I wanted to
> > some time to read through parts of it before I shared this with the
> > group...I already know that I'll have to have 2 copies for myself, one
> > the office, one for home...

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