A. sikokianum immature seeds [was A. franchetianum immature seeds]

Ernie O'Byrne nargsbs at EFN.ORG
Mon Dec 23 21:54:34 CET 2002

However, I once received a very generous gift from Fred and JoAnn Knapp of a
full seedhead of Arisaema sikokianum. As I began to clean the seeds, I was
disappointed to see that most of the seeds in the very large seedhead were
what I would call 'unpromising' and shriveled. There were only about 20-30
large, plump, obviously viable seeds. I carefully separated the two batches
and was certainly of a mind to throw out what I thought was, very likely,
immature, or unfertilized 'seed'. But medium is cheap and, at that time, I
still had some room on the seed bench, so I sowed them all (several hundred)
in a deep flat. I would estimate 100% germination of those seeds. To say
that I was surprised would be a gross understatement; I was astonished! Not
only did they seemingly all germinate, but the resultant seedlings were
indistinguishable in size and vigor from the nice plump seeds that also
germinated well.

Just to give relative sizes, the large, plump seeds were about 3-4mm across,
whereas the small, dished seeds were only about 1.25 to 2mm and had a very
definite flat side that was even a little concave.

So, my recommendation is to sow them all and see what comes of it. If you
want that many seedlings, that is.

I second Mike's observations about being careful with the 'floaters'. You
really have to knock them about a bit with your fingers to get the bubbles
off. I do actually usually throw away the ones that float after that because
they really do seem to be shriveled or very unripe and soft.

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