Cyclamen Failures

Gene Bush genebush at OTHERSIDE.COM
Sat Dec 7 15:32:46 CET 2002

Hello Bonaventure,
Wonder what these little beauties do in the wild to protect themselves
from leaf litter? Do they have fairies that come out each night to clean
house? I know that I do have a few plants here that need to be up on a ridge
of some kind to keep my leaves off of them so they do not rot during winter,
or get smoothed. Same with cyclamen in the wild? They simply stay at or near
the top of a rise so everything settles below them?
My plant at the moment is to begin my new cyclamen beds under some pines
along a path that has a swell. Always open to suggestions and opinions on
anything, since there are seldom any one answer. Thanks for the tip.
Gene E. Bush
Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, llc
genebush at
Zone 6/5  Southern Indiana

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> Gene, Ditto for me on these cyclamen species, except I can keep coum
> sending up a few leaves here and there. Hederifolium and purpurescens
> thrive on composted leaf mulch amended local sandy soil. Its important
> never to cover the top of the corm.What dead leaves drop on them from the
> trees in fall I generally push away.
> Bonaventure Magrys
> Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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