Erythronium americanum

Gene Bush genebush at OTHERSIDE.COM
Thu Dec 5 21:15:03 CET 2002

Hello Kim,
Not a problem. One of the ways I propagate Erythronium is to leave a few
of them in pots undisturbed. Eventually, I will get around to looking into
the pots up in the holding area and dividing up one or two for separation.
Allowing the seeds to fall back into the post almost every seed germinates.
In only a few short years one ends up with the entire bottom of the pot
covered with little rice-grain sized erythronium.
If it is time to move separate yours, just make sure it is fully
dormant. Only a small storage system will remain with a eye on it for next
season's growth. The only thing to watch out for is winter wet and cold in a
pot. In the garden they are almost impossible to kill.
I would not worry about the transplanting,
Gene E. Bush
Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, llc
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Zone 6/5  Southern Indiana
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> Can anyone tell me where I might obtain seed of the above? I fluked a
> in a pot of yellow Trillium erectum several years ago. Both are
> needing to be repotted but I'm a bit afraid to do it in case I lose the
> Erythronium!!!!
> Kim

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