Erythronium americanum

Kim Roberts k.roberts at ACTRIX.CO.NZ
Thu Dec 5 05:09:36 CET 2002

Can anyone tell me where I might obtain seed of the above? I fluked a plant
in a pot of yellow Trillium erectum several years ago. Both are desperately
needing to be repotted but I'm a bit afraid to do it in case I lose the
Arisaemas moving along nicely in N.Z. at the moment. A. ringens, speciosum,
amurense and peninsulae (all hopefully with seed) over;  A. taiwanense,
erubescens and tortuosum "flowering";  ciliatum, ciliatum v. liubaense,
candidissum, nepenthoides, exapendiculatum, tryphyllum, flavum of various
sorts, concinuum, griffithii etc etc on the move.
Seed from AEG germinated - flavum, sikokianum and ciliatum v. liubaense -
all sown in September.
Warmer weather appears to be here at last. Hopefully it will stay a while!

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