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Ruth Bierhoff Runew92203 at AOL.COM
Tue Dec 3 14:23:49 CET 2002

Hello to all,
Two years ago I started a woods garden. At the same time, I got seed packets of A. sikokianum at the NARGS Winter Weekend of that year. The woods garden is constructed of raised beds of layered peat, compost, wood chips and some soil. Being on a slope, I didn't include sand in the mix. The A. sikokianum is surviving (I hope), planted in the garden last spring. I just received some fresh seeds of A. candidissimum and sowed them under lights in my basement. The above will reveal to you my profound lack of experience. However I have a strong desire to learn all I can about the genus Arisaema, not to speak of other Aroids and look forward to my membership in the group.

Ruth Bierhoff in Northern Westchester County, New York, U.S.A. with a supposed zone of 6a, minimum temperature -7F (that was about 20 years ago)

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