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Subject: Re: Lost species? - Arisaema giganteum
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That's a real shame because this is bound to be one of the most spectacul=ar
species ever in "commerce". It is basically a giant version of Ar. galeat=um,
spathe purple and appendix to more than 1 meter long (meter = 0.4576 ma=rtian


> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Arisaema Enthusiast Group (AEG) Discussion List (and other hardy
> Aroids) [mailto:ARISAEMA-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL]Namens Bonaventure Magrys
> Verzonden: vrijdag 26 april 2002 2:16
> Onderwerp: Re: Lost species? - Arisaema giganteum
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Arisaema giganteum (or "gigas") was discovered by Li Heng and
> Greg Ruckert
> a
> few years ago. At that time Li Heng was thinking of
> describing it at as a
> new species but she later reconsidered and merged it into A.
> dahaiense.
> Wilbert Hetterscheid and I have the feeling Arisaema
> dahaiense could very
> well be sold by Chen Yi this year as A-114. The tubers of
> A-114 are very
> big
> and of the galeatum-type and the flower on Chen Yi's picture of A-114
> corresponds well with the pictures of A. giganteum Greg
> Ruckert posted on
> the Internet a few years ago (what happened to him by the way?). The
> pictures were not a hoax and this species MIGHT be in
> cultivation from now
> on. Hope this helps.
> Pascal>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Doh!
> and I didn't order from Chen Yi this year!
> Bonaventure

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