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Yes, it was interesting to read from Tony and Petra's comments that it wa=s
apparently an oversight on Fine Gardening's part, rather than a blanket
policy. That is truly gratifying. The reason that I said such a policy of
not listing the writers as sources may have merits is from the unscrupulo=us
practice of plugging plants that are not worthy of encomiums just because
they happen to be sold by the writer. I am, in general, not in favor of t=he
policy which is, regrettably, still fairly common.

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Ernie O'Byrne suggested:

I believe that not including Plant Delights as a source is probably a
universal policy decision of Fine Gardening, which does have its merits.

They want to avoid a conflict of interest, or even a perceived conflict
interest. In other words, someone writing about a certain product should
also be providing that product for profit. That policy is very common in
publishing industry.

=======> HOWEVER, not to contradict, but Martha Oliver, of =The Primrose
Path, wrote a short article in the same issue and her business is cited
at the end.....  see. p.26 & 28 -- "Praiseworthy Plants, Outstanding
metallic foliage for the shade". Can't wait to see W.George's book to
see, among everything else, if Martha's plants are mentioned. Her
original breeders are east coast natives...

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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