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I am trying to identify some of my lost-label seedlings.  I'll send a
second message about what they look like.

For this message, I am having trouble using the keys.  I looked on the
arisaema page for a diagram of an arisaema plant labelled with various
terms, and couldn't find one.

In order to ID my plants, do I need to dissect the flower?  I won't be
able to put it in the flower show if I do that.

For instance, number 1 of the Japanese key says "Spadix appendix sessile
at base.  I tried peering down into the spathe, then I tried unwrapping
the cross-over bit, and whether left to right or right to left, it was no=t
going to show me the bottom of the spadix without tearing.

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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