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Petra, personally I have never done this, my method is similar to the one
you so eloquently wrote about in that great article:)  However there was
once this kind old lady who started me on the mystery plant that is Arisa=ema
triphyllum.  She used the large red seed heads which housed multiple seed=s.
Her method was as such, at the end of the fall she would dig a hole and
plant the entire head of uncleaned seeds directly into the holes.  Then, =she
said , the next spring there would be a plant or a couple there that were
coming up.  Now I am assuming these seedlings were just that, one leaved
seedlings.  She swore by this method and still does it with whatever I ha=ve
not been given by her.  With my cleaned seed method though my germination
percentages are about 90-95%  I have never actually counted but there are
always about the same amount I initially put in there.  Hopefully this

p.s. sorry for the content actually being about arisaemas, I thought for =a
while I was on the International weights and measures list-serve...

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I'd like to know if anyone has planted Arisaema fruits (uncleaned, and I
stress, uncleaned, berries) directly into ground beds, and if so, what
seedlings looked like the following spring, i.e., their first season's

I planted uncleaned, not quite ripe, berries in fall and have blooming
seedlings right now...

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