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I posted off 1 pkt Arisaema flavum seeds to Craig about 5 days ago, toget=her
with very amateurish photo for positive identification. Suspect it may be=A.
abbreviatum as the spathe was positively miniscule! Will be interested to
hear your comments.

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Subject: Re: Seedex-02 deliveries

> Carolyn and all AEGers,
> You can send AEG donations to either Craig or to me. If you elect to
> send them to Craig, please drop me an E-mail stating the amount. It
> will help keep the records straight.
>     Craig Stubbs
>     15 Princess St.
>     P.O. #596
>     Brooklin,Ontario
>     Canada L0B 1C0
>    G. R. Stilwell, Jr.
>    11900 Coachman's Way
>    Raleigh, NC 27614
> Carolyn, I'm glad you're pleased with your seeds. Let us know
> how they germinate and grow.
> Other AEGers, let us know when your deeds arrive so we can see if
> all this Phyto talk has effected us yet.
> There is no doubt that Craig and Keith LaRocque deserve our
> heartfelt thanks for doing the Seedex.
> Ray
> GRSJr at
> At 06:58 AM 4/20/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >Please pass on to Craig Stubbs many many thanks for the wonderful
> >selection of seeds which arrived just a couple of days after they were
> >mailed!!!
> >
> >Should I send Craig a $$ donation?
> >
> >Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY where it's back to COOOOLLLLDDD!!!
> >

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