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Dear all,

Although it's already too late to avoid the current mess on the AEG
regarding the seedex, I would like to ask all AEG-members to PLEASE, PLEA=SE,
PLEASE never suggest something like this themselves!!! If an AEG-member f=or
some reason wants know the preferences of other members, PLEASE post it i=n
such a way that people react to that mail privately. Ray has asked member=s a
while ago to let him know whether or not they wanted to recieve a seed-li=st.
He did it by asking members to answer to him privately and I strongly
suggest other members follow that example. The person who asks for the
preferences of other members accepts that he/she will recieve the answers
anyway so why should members who don't really care what the preferences o=f
fellow members are, get all those e-mails too? The mail-boxes of many
members are now full of mail which is of no interest at all to them so I
strongly suggest to impose a code for the future that avoids this kind of
posting. Could we introduce this?


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