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Subject: Re: AEG SEEDEX MAILINGS - to Norway too :)
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At 07:27 AM 12.4.02 +0200, Keith La Rocque wrote:
>Please e-mail(post on Arisaema-L) me asap and categorize yourself and yo=ur
>seed request as follows;
>A)  An AEG member, who is happy to receive any and all seed, like myself

Good morning

Since I am totally new to Arisaema this year I am in group A.

I also think this plant must be rather seldom to see here in Norway -- I
hope they will thrive in my coastal USDA zone 8 climate? - even though
summers are shorter or more chillier here compared to southern latitudes.
We have very long days though with nearly no dark in the nights .. maybe
that compansate some for lower temperatures? I have good sandy soil with
normal pH on hte acid side (5,5 - 6.5),  and watering .. or rainfall .. i=s
normal never a problem - we have enough of that too. I live with high
mountains around me and there is a glacier up there always giving us wate=r.

So if someone wants me to try grow their seeds here in Norway that will b=e

Sorry I have none myself yet, but I am on my way:
I bought some seeds from Chilterns seeds in England though - wanted all I
could get from them. Except of A.japoinicum they have all germinated thes=e
days: - amurence, erubescens, flavum, tortuosum and wallichiamum are my
first small wonders of these plants. Hope I am able to keep them alive an=d


Arnhild Bleie
5776 Na

(yes .. just that simple address IS correct!)

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