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Attention: Craig Stubbs

I am an AEG member who does not wish to receive any seeds this year.

--- I overdid seeds in all categories last year; hardly any
space left in greenhouse or under lights.

Jim Shields
in Westfield, Indiana, USA

At 07:27 AM 4/12/02 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello all.......
>   AEG members now number over 200.
>To facilitate the last step in this years Seedex, I need your help.
>Please e-mail(post on Arisaema-L) me asap and categorize yourself and yo=ur
>seed request as follows;
>A)  An AEG member, who is happy to receive any and all seed, like myself
>B)  An AEG member, who is fortunate enough to have established species i=n
>their garden, and requests species excluding those varieties. Please be
>realistic with your request(s)
>C)  An AEG member, who for whatever reason, does not desire seed this ye=ar.
>   Although the distribution of seed through the AEG is later than most
>other societies now that we are bihemispheric, seed ripening, harvest, a=nd
>receipt goes on year round, skewed heavily to the northern hemispheres
>   This years seed contributions were the lowest to date. (mabe due to t=he
>dry summer last year--KEITH).
>This has been a message from Craig Stubbs...... Thank you All!
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