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You me want to visit the Flower auction in Aalsmeer, this is the largest
flower auction in the World.

Aalsmeer is an half our drive from Amsterdam and 20 minutes from the
Floriade, about 40 minutes from the Keukenhof and that is in Lisse. Aalsm=eer
is lying in the province North Holland. So everything is nearby , you can
even do it by bike.

I my self work on a Lilac nursery, all the flowers will be gone before Ma=y
so there is nothing interesting to see,  I can only give you a boat ride
past the fields were the Lilac tree's grow.


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From: J.E. Shields <jshields104 at INSIGHTBB.COM>
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: Arisaema in the Floriade NL? FLOWERS!

> I sort of assumed your would assume I wanted to see flowering plants --
> aroids, bulbs, etc. <VBG>   I'm interested in almost all bulbs, tender =as
> well as hardy.  Sorry to be so vague the first time.
> At any rate that is what I am interested in seeing:  flowering bulbs
> ("geophytes") including but not exclusively aroids.  My travel time is
> controlled by my nursery season here.  We can't get away from the
> in June and July, and I have to attend the IBS Bulb Symposium at
> Gardens (San Marino, California) the last weekend in this month.
> I am trying to arrange a couple of visits to bulb growers, one in North
> Holland and one around Lisse.  We'll also take in Keuckenhof, although =I
> suppose the tulips will be gone by then.  We will stay the first night =in
> Amsterdam, Hotel Beethoven, and maybe the rest of our nights too.  I'm =not
> sure how long it takes to drive to the various places.  We will rent a =car
> in the Netherlands.
> I am also getting a new camera this week:  a Mamiya 645E, larger format
> than 35-mm.  It seems editors don't like 35-mm slides for illustrations
> (now she tells me!)   I plan to use it there, along with my trusty old
> Nikon.  So I hope to see lots of flowers in bloom.
>  From the Netherlands, we'll go by train to Switzerland and do some mor=e
> garden visiting there for a week, then fly home from Zurich.
> Thanks,
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana, USA

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