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Subject: Re: Arisaema in the Floriade NL? FLOWERS!
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I sort of assumed your would assume I wanted to see flowering plants --
aroids, bulbs, etc. <VBG>   I'm interested in almost all bulbs, tender as
well as hardy.  Sorry to be so vague the first time.

At any rate that is what I am interested in seeing:  flowering bulbs
("geophytes") including but not exclusively aroids.  My travel time is
controlled by my nursery season here.  We can't get away from the daylili=es
in June and July, and I have to attend the IBS Bulb Symposium at Huntingt=on
Gardens (San Marino, California) the last weekend in this month.

I am trying to arrange a couple of visits to bulb growers, one in North
Holland and one around Lisse.  We'll also take in Keuckenhof, although I
suppose the tulips will be gone by then.  We will stay the first night in
Amsterdam, Hotel Beethoven, and maybe the rest of our nights too.  I'm no=t
sure how long it takes to drive to the various places.  We will rent a ca=r
in the Netherlands.

I am also getting a new camera this week:  a Mamiya 645E, larger format
than 35-mm.  It seems editors don't like 35-mm slides for illustrations
(now she tells me!)   I plan to use it there, along with my trusty old
Nikon.  So I hope to see lots of flowers in bloom.

-From the Netherlands, we'll go by train to Switzerland and do some more
garden visiting there for a week, then fly home from Zurich.

Jim Shields
in central Indiana, USA

At 06:37 AM 4/10/02 -0400, you wrote:
>No doubt that the dutch knows most about their country but how can we an=swer
>on a question so broad like this one:
>'Hi folks,
>I'm going to be in the Netherlands ca. 6 to 12 May, 2002.  Is there
>anything else I should make it a point to see while we are there?
>Jim Shields
>in central Indiana, USA'
>What wants Jim to see. Paintings ? Cheese ? The sea ? Or what ?
>Only if he is more precize I can try and send him an answer.
>Herman van Beusekom
>Zone 7a
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>From: "Arnhild Bleie" <abbl at ONLINE.NO>
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>Subject: Re: Arisaema in the Floriade NL?
> > At 08:05 AM 9.4.02 -0500, J.E. Shields wrote:
> > >I'm going to be in the Netherlands ca. 6 to 12 May, 2002.  Is there
> > >anything else I should make it a point to see while we are there?
> > >
> >         > hi Jim  .. Dutch people are friendly and funny and very cle=ver
> > horticulturists - talk with them when you come there .. any way I was=once
> > visiting Flevoland in the northern part of NL - if is such a small co=untry
> > though you can travel across it with car in one day I would think   ..
> > of horticulture there in Flevoland .. but guess some Dutch in the lis=t
> > might be able to answer this better than me?
> >
> > Arnhild - z7/8 winters and chilly summers in Hardanger - Norway
> >

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