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At 08:05 AM 9.4.02 -0500, J.E. Shields wrote:
>I'm going to be in the Netherlands ca. 6 to 12 May, 2002.  Is there
>anything else I should make it a point to see while we are there?
> hi Jim  .. Dutch people are friendly and funny and very clever
horticulturists - talk with them when you come there .. any way I was onc=e
visiting Flevoland in the northern part of NL - if is such a small countr=y
though you can travel across it with car in one day I would think   .. lo=ts
of horticulture there in Flevoland .. but guess some Dutch in the list
might be able to answer this better than me?

Arnhild - z7/8 winters and chilly summers in Hardanger - Norway

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