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Mon Apr 8 08:09:09 CEST 2002

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Subject: Arisaema in the Floriade NL?
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Does anyone know if Arisaema will be much preseted in the Floridae that i=s
going in in Netherlands this summer? Only every 10th year it is there.
When could be the best time to visit if we wanted to look at Arisaema the=re?

I looked at their website and could find out details like this.
Want to know because some friends in USA plan to come and visit me and ta=ke
me with them to the Floriade - and I need to find out if I can make it in=to
rest of my work schedule for the summer and fall - no vacation were plane=d
before November - but then Floriade is over , so ... ?

Maybe there are som Dutch in the list - or someone else foreigners that
have planed to go there that knows?

Arnhild - Hardaner in Norway

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