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>Does anyone else have any observations on Biarum seed germination?  Alwa=ys
>good to get a range of responses to find out how others have gone.


Recently sown the following (all on 18 februari 2002):
Biarum bovei - germinated: 23 march
Biarum carratracense - germinated 21 march
Arum pictum - germinated 18 march
Arum purpureospathum - geminated 26 march
Arum idaeum (?) - germinated 25 march

Sown as follows:
- Soaked 20 hours in water
- Sown in standard sowing-compost on heat (27 celcius), 1 cm below soil
- Because of curiosity and deliberately to aerate the soil, i regularly d=ig
up and when the soil compacts too much, i dig it over
- removed from heat as soon as first plants above the ground

At this moment there are still plants appearing. Germination by now appr.=80%.
Note: this is spring-sowing in this part of the world.

I hope this may help.

Best regards,
George Schonthaler,

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