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Hello all-- despite Bonaventure's doubt about reporting failures.  I supp=ort
the idea--it helps to learn more efficiently and --vicariously, so that w=e
don't have to repeat the errors, (if they can be isolated from everything
else. )

Adam Fikso in Glenview, IL     USDA  Zone 5a

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From: "Bonaventure Magrys" <magrysbo at SHU.EDU>
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 6:59 PM
Subject: Re: My first :)

> Arisaema taiwanense seed that Ernie O'Byrne kindly sent me in December
> germinated within weeks and is now still in leaf. I put about 2 dozen s=eed
> on the surface of loose Scott's Houseplant Potting Soil in an ordinary =4
> inch pot and placed them in my humid flourescent light orchid case. The
> root grows down into the mix from the seed body and the leaf then comes
> after, (growing upwards of course). The seed body stays on soil surface
> recently I just sprinkled a little mix over them. They really look grea=t,
> abou 3 inches (American) tall with 1 inch wide heart-shaped leaves of a
> bluish tinge and thick substance that makes them look more like tropica=l
> plants.
> I usually prefer the moist paper towel in a sandwich baggie (Deno?)
> germination method, but last tried with freshly gathered triphyllum see=d
> last fall got about 40% nearly immediate germination, another 30% or so
> after about 6 weeks, again a lag, then another flush with a few straggl=ers
> afterwards. (Must have been thet Arum italicum pollen I put in there, h=a
> ha). There were some bad root/paper tangles, and with my light box
> I tried the tai's as an experiment. Worked beautifully. Many of my seed=ex
> '01 sproutlets faltered after the move to pots, with serratum and
> all rotting off first. Candidissimum and consanguineums did great
> transplanted at 4-5 per 1 or 2 inch pot, made nice tuberlets, but when
> taken out of 3 month refridgeration did nothing, and died.
> With seedlings, either you check them every day (I lapse) or put them i=n
> environment that will buffer them and take care of them (not a
> The year before, out of dozens of Gene Bush's A.draconteum seedlings on
> windowsill above the kitchen sinkin autumn, a hectic week for me coinci=ded
> with cloudy weather and only 2 bulblets made it out to the garden in Ma=rch
> last spring to resprout. (I probably should not admit all my failures!)
> Remains to be seen if they're still there this spring.
> Bonaventure Magrys
> Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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