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I am Aaron Floden. I garden south of Kansas City in
Stilwell, a smalkl suburb of KC. I got into arisaema
after discovering them in the local woodlands. I
eventually found The Arisaema Page and was even more
so intrigued. I am interested in forms of the native
triphyllum. I only have a seer suckered leaf form that
Only two other people currently have it but only
recieved last fall so, unless they have forced it,
they cannot comment on its uniquess or lack of it. I
have several if anyone is interested in trading.
I also grow lots of woodland plants, variegates,
species hosta, carex, a large collection of my own
selections of hepatica, polygonatum and the like,
podophyllum, viburnum, trillium and so on. I am not
limited to anything and all plants are welcome until
they prove unwanted.
I have failed with most of the Japanese species of
arisaema and most of the chinese species multiply with
ease. Most of my cultivations problems are drainage in
the lovely clay here.
I am still a child as Jim Waddick says but i like to
think i know alot.
All the best.
Aaron Floden  Zone 5

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