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Hi all,

I asked in the IBS Bulb forum about the native range cited for Z.
jucunda.  Rachel Saunders, of Silverhill Seeds, responded with the
following information:

Sekhukhuniland is between Pietersburg and Burgersfort in the northern
Transvaal - or what is now called "Limpopo"! It is about 100 km west of
Burgersfort and is in the Leolo Mountains.
The entire area is wall to wall people and cows and goats, and the goats
have eaten everything that ever grew there!
There are a few areas of Sekhukhuniland that still have vegetation - one =of
the latest Veld & Flora magazines had an article on the region. But
unfortunately most vegetation has gone.
Rachel Saunders
Cape Town

It sounds to me like the prospects for anyone finding a live Z. jucunda i=n
nature is very remote at best.  Do any aroid collectors actually have it =in

Jim Shields
in central Indiana

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