Planted and transplanted.

bill plummer remmulp at STNY.RR.COM
Sat Oct 27 22:34:25 CEST 2001

I have an Arisaema growing in a bed of Vinca minor by my front
walk. The leaves are dark green with a leathery texture. The
leaves are very finely serrated. It is still green while most of
the other Arisaemas have long since gone dormant.

It probalby is one I planted and a squirrel tranplanted. I hasve
none like it among my plantings.

Bill Plummer
Painted Post, New York
Zone 5
77o 07' 27'' East 42o 09' 10 North

Minimum -35F (-37C); Maximum 106F (41C)
Latest Frost June 10, Earliest Frost, September 10
May - September; Rain; 17in.(43cm.) MeanTemperature: 65F (18C)

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