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David, what Fafard product do you use?  I went to their website and they
have several mixes that sound like what you have described.  I garden on
heavy clay, although trilliums seem to survive (not exactly thrive).
A.triphyllum is native here and it does well.  Maybe a little Fafard would
benefit my soil - I just need to know which specific mix.  Thanks for your

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>> Could you please explain what this is.
> Fafard is a soilless media used by many professional nurseries for growing
> plants.  The primary component is milled sphagnum moss (from Canada
> probably), which is treated somehow to make it more airy. It also has
> perlite in it and some versions may have fertilizer added.  When first
> watering it, care needs to be taken to ensure that it is watered long enough
> for the mix to absorb water if you are starting with dry mix.  Once wet, it
> retains water readily but yet remains very airy.  My trilliums love it and
> grow beautiful roots in it.  I have kept them in pots with Fafard over our
> very wet winters (outside) and they did great and did not rot even though we
> had lots of rain.  This gets back to the mix being very airy, yet water
> retentive.  It's also very easy to tell when the mix is drying out because
> it changes color.  One needs to be careful if moisture is a crucial factor
> for a particular plant because the top can be dry while deeper in the pot
> can still be wet or damp.  I am trying it now with some terrestrial orchids.
> There are other brands of soilless mix.  I use Fafard because it was
> recommended to me by an orchid friend.
> David
> Atlanta

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