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Mon Nov 12 21:24:55 CET 2001

Dear Bonaventure,

In your previous mails to the mailing list you mentioned several of your
attempts to make deliberate Arisaema-crosses between unrelated species. In
this mail for instance you mention a cross between consanguineum and
triphyllum you hope you have made. Just out of curiosity, could you please
tell me what you expect the offspring to look like? I'm asking this because
nature has produced several crosses between species, especially in Japan,
but they were always between more or less related species which belong to
the same section and I find it very hard to believe these crosses are
possible at all. When you have made such a cross and an infrutescence with
viable seeds is produced, how can you be sure the seeds are not formed
through open-pollination with a more related species? Don't get me wrong, I
don't want to put you off but I sincerely doubt the crosses you mention are
possible (it would be fun though....) so I was hoping you could prove me
otherwise. As Pradhan already mentioned in his book do various members of
section Trisecta grow in eachothers company but never produce crosses. Have
you already had seedlings in flower of a cross between 2 unrelated species,
let's say between franchetianum and consanguineum? If so, what did they look


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Van: Arisaema Enthusiast Group (AEG) Discussion List (and other hardy
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Verzonden: maandag 12 november 2001 18:54
Onderwerp: Outdoors in NJ

Light frost last night. Alocasia 'Yautia', Brugmannsia, and Colocasia
leaves hit hard. Kaichen A103 '00 a bit limp, A102 '99 and vatious konjacs
already dormant, but A101 '99 relatively unaffected. Arum purpureospathum,
concinnatum, and (italicum x maculatum), all sheltered to some degree, and
of course italicum out in the open, all in leaf for a while now, not
affected. Arum creticum putting up a shoot against the brick wall of the
east-facing foundation between Asarum nipponicum and an Arum concinnatum,
all under a Musa basjoo. Arum cyrenaceum putting up a shoot in the back of
the coldframe. Where is my Arum nigrum? Can't find its tag either at the
west facing wall. There Dracunculus canariensis looks fine (must be potted
up soon and brought indoors) under a Brugmannsia that survived only slight
damage. Nearby against this wall are spring-formed offsets of Arisaema
consanguineum 'Silver Center' that resprouted in September, still in leaf.
One had bloomed and its pollen was put on an Arisaema triphyllum that was
de-refridgerated in July and planted further back, in the open. It is
struggling to hold on its leaves but hopefully the infructescence forming
will have time to mature.
Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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