seedlings and welcome

Lyn Edwards lynelda at AUSTARMETRO.COM.AU
Tue May 15 05:58:05 CEST 2001

Hello all,
firstly welcome to Paul Garrett from another new Canberran member,
secondly I would like to thank the great people who donate seed to the
seedex and Craig and Ray for all their hard work.   I planted all my seed on
April 17th indoors on a bottom heated tray and am delighted with the
germination I am getting.
At varying stages I have Arisaema,s- tortuosum ssp helleborifolium,
ringens,sikokianum,consanguinium,flavum,amurense var robustum,ciliatum var
candidissimum, angustatum amurense and arum italicum seedlings all looking
nice and healthy at this time.I do hope they continue to do well as I am
completly new to this. Will try to access the information on growing on from
the archives. Is a password required for this?
The only seed I received which is not germinating yet is Dracunculus
vulgare and perhaps it needs a cold period first or is perhaps slow to
These increase the number of arisaemas I have very dramatically,though my
a.flavum in a small pot went crazy and had produced 22 babies when I emptied
out the pot,  thanks again,
Lyn Edwards
email lynelda at

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