A triphyllum

Ray Maynard Plantnut3 at CS.COM
Sun May 13 01:42:52 CEST 2001

Help Out There!
I have 7 of the above with all having bloom at least 1 time, had 2 come up
and they wilt and leafs died to the soil.  The others are a long distance
from the two and have not seen a leaf seems at to me?  We had a very long hot
dry summer and I wonder if they just skip coming up for this season?
I have four of the other A.'s up two have bloomed and two several 5-6 high
now.  I understand the native candidissimun is a late starter and this one
has not broken thru soil yet.
Have had excellent germination of Asisian varies with the one leaf now close
to 5-6 inches high.  My attempt with American tri's has been very poor yet
have used the same germination procedures.
Any ideas shared with is appreciated.  Ray Maynard, Zone 8 Georgia

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