Uh-oh! (Rust)

Fri May 11 17:25:58 CEST 2001

<< Lots of A. Triphyllum but--rust on some. What's the prevailing advice: get
rid of everything on diseased plants above-ground; or just get rid...

Tom Jacobs >>

Hi Tom

Having seen rust on a colony of A. triphyllum in the wild, I'd be inclined to
be pretty radical in my approach, getting rid of any common species, and
maybe try isolating anything rare that's infected and treating it with a

Thanks for the reply, Jim McClements. I remember the rust "thread" communication about 2 years ago among members of this group. Sounded like it was one of the major disease threats-if not the major threat-to Arisaema: no well-defined medicine. Sounds like that still is the case, otherwise someone in the group would have spoken up.

But I think I will follow your advice: dig up the more common infected Triphyllum. But I hated to do that to an infected Sikokianum. So I cut off what was above-ground and will try to treat the tuber part, hoping it will come back.

Tom Jacobs

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