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<< Lots of A. Triphyllum but--rust on some. What's the prevailing advice: get
rid of everything on diseased plants above-ground; or just get rid...

Tom Jacobs >>

Hi Tom

Having seen rust on a colony of A. triphyllum in the wild, I'd be inclined to
be pretty radical in my approach, getting rid of any common species, and
maybe try isolating anything rare that's infected and treating it with a

A few years ago I got some rust-infected Claytonia (an unusually dark pink
form). I potted them up and dosed them with Captan (I think) and seemed to
get rid of the rust. Afte two "clean' years in the pot, I put them in the
garden where they've done well.

One caution; the rust on your Arisaemas may well be different from what was
on the Claytonia, and could be harder to get rid of.


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