Arisaema seed

Diane Whitehead ua024 at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Wed May 9 02:56:56 CEST 2001

I germinate all large seeds in little plastic ziplocks, and that includes
the arisaema seed which arrived already in labelled bags.  I use enough
potting mix (I use Sunshine) to make sure the seeds have some all around.
I don't soak the seeds.  I just leave them in the kitchen.  I always
assume my kitchen is warm, but I brought a thermometer in to check the
temperature, and it is 16, or about 60 F.

Here are the ones that have germinated so far:
In 13 days:
A. candidissimum 200130
A. ciliatum v liubaense  200125

In 14 days:
A. consanguineum  200124
A. kelung-insularis 200116

In 20 days:
A. amurense
A. sikokianum

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
zone 8, Sunset zone 5, cool mediterranean climate (rainy winter, dry

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