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Bonaventure Magrys magrysbo at SHU.EDU
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>From the seedex I received on 4/19/01 I found Arisaema serratum peninsulae
to be the most rot prone. They were immediately removed from soaking and
put on wet peat plugs (Chia herb growing kit). A few of tortuosum 200118 is
a little bit rot prone also. Candidissimum 200133 was the first to
germinate followed by jaquemontii 200126. A few of the sikokianum 20016 as
well as consanguineum 200121 and 200144 have just begun, with no rotting,
molding or any loss (I did drop one of the six tiny jaquemontii seeds in a
later process and could not find it!). Formosanum 200146 (4 seeds only) and
thunbergii urashima (sorry, don't have the numbers in front of me, the
packet is in the fridge with the other half of 8 seeds in their last change
of distilled water) are being watched closely. Also not yet sprouted are
Arums elongatum, italicum, and orientale 200137.
My system was to rinse them in their pouches, changing water a couple of
times a day for 2 days and then move the seeds individually to 24-well
clear plastic cell culture plates (Costar) with lids. Each well is about
1cm wide and deep. Enough water was put in to go halfway up the seed and
make a thin film over the top. Trays are kept in a humid shaded environment
(my kitchen counter). Now with the partial germination, and the removal of
the serratums, the loss of 1 tortuosum, and the Arums still staining the
water brown, I have gently lifted each seed with tweezers and put about 1cc
(half of the well) of seed starting soil. Moisture levels can easily be
seen through the plates. No wonder I'm too busy to keep up written records!
Bonaventure Magrys

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Your concern about the A. candidissimum may not be based in fact
depending on how
long they have been in a waterlogged condition. Commercial growers often
soak these
seeds for a few days before planting.

You might note that A. speciosa is really A. speciosum. The gender has to
match Arisaema
so proper Arisaema species names don't end in "a". Some old obscure
synonyms do violate the latin,

The sensitive one when it comes to wet soil is A. sikokianum. I think
more of these seedlings
have been killed by wet conditions than anything else.

GRSJr at

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