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Joyce Miller onager at MIDTOWN.NET
Tue May 8 11:52:30 CEST 2001

Dear George,
<You wrote:  Do not throw away any pots with Arisaema seeds.
No, I did not.  Some years ago, a member of the International Bulb
Society preached the same message.  His advice was to hold for three
years.  My 2000 sowings have given me Arisaema dracontium (1), A. speciosa
(1), A consanginum (2) and Aruncus disioides.  Of the 2001 sowing April
18th, A. flavum has germinated profusely.  I have concern for the A.
candidissimum sowing because I put them in a refrigerator dish and
thoughtlessly did not provice holes for drainage.  With my misting system,
it is possible it got too much water.
Since beginning in 1995 with South American and South African
geophytes, my awareness, appreciation and wonder at the different types of
plants and their adaptation to environment has grown apace.  A great deal
of my knowledge has come from various plant lists.  My sense of wonder
grows and grows --- and grows.

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller, Sacramento, CA, USA  USDA Zone 9A
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