Rogan Roth Roth at NU.AC.ZA
Wed May 2 08:49:43 CEST 2001

Arisaema lovers,

This is to express my appreciation to Craig, the donors and helpers who =have made the SEEDEX 2001 such a great success - thank you.  I really =appreciate receiving unusual seed.

This year, unfortunately too late for the seed exchange, I collected a =quantity of Stylochiton natalense seed from wild populations growing near =where I live - I know it's not exactly an Arisaema species, but there may =be someone who will have enough of an interest in it to want to grow it =from seed - and it is an aroid :-)

I have enough seed for approximately 25 packets (20 seeds per packet) so =please send me your address and indicate whether you would like collection =data as well.

Good Bye from a warm, moist KwaZulu-Natal,

Rogan B. Roth
P.O.Box 100-210
Rep. of South Africa

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