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Ray Maynard Plantnut3 at CS.COM
Tue May 1 02:01:56 CEST 2001

I have only been a member of

I have been a member of A EG since around the end of January and have
received much help and consideration from all the members that I have had
contacted.  The discussions on the L about are very helpful.  There is a
wealth of information  on the net provided by devoted members of this group.
Just the cultural information has helped me germinating about 20 Arisaemas
with some getting near ready for waking up.  Ray Stilwell is such patient
person and real in bringing your attention of proofing your Email!

When I think about the two people that got this group started had to be
dedicated to the Arisaemas.  It is indeed a most interesting group of  the
Aroids.  I bought a n A. saxatile this year and it is staying in bloom longer
than most that I have tried.  The white spathe and such long green tongue.
Cheers to AEG's  Ray Maynard

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