Seed from Jim and Jenny Archibald

Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Fri Jun 29 10:17:26 CEST 2001

>The bottom line, for me, is that I would rather support their efforts than
>hound them for their shortcomings.  Certainly there is no harm whatsoever
>in letting them know which of their seeds do badly, but I would do this
>kindly and judiciously, and without expectation of reimbursement.


At no point in any of my discussion have I ever "Hounded" the Archibalds.
I have asked about others experiences, nothing more.  My question as to
whether anyone has complained was more to find out whether the Archibalds
even KNOW that there seeds are not germinating.  It may be something with
their storage of them that they need to correct.  THAT was why I asked
about it.  Complaining about something, if done the right way is a positive
feedback, not a negative feedback.  If everyone is afraid to complain then
there is never anything done about the problem..... or even an
identification that there IS a problem.

>From what I know of them their other seeds are great.  I know that others
have done well with them, but that the Arisaemas obviously seem to be a
problem.  They may be the only source of a seed, but if those seeds are
useless then there is no point them even selling them.  I have been asking
to find out if the lack of germination this year is a "one-off" or seems
pretty standard.  Unfortunately it isn't just this year.

Please do not take my question as trying to slam the Archibalds.  I am more
concerned at the money lost (given the Australian Exchange rate it is a lot
of money for even one packet of them, let alone many more packets) and if I
do not ask about it on the list then I may blame my methods rather than the
seed itself, thereby wasting more money needlessly next year.  By asking
the question I am able to find out the answer to that.

My reasons for sending on the other emails that I got privately was to let
people know that others had responded.  I thought that this topic may have
been of interest to many others so that they can judge for themselves.

If I wanted to HOUND then I'd contact them and complain forcibly, asking
for a refund.  I have no intention of doing that.  I will probably contact
them to ask if there is a problem with my germination methods to see their
response, but there really is no point getting their hackles up or the
constructive purpose is defeated.

I'd also note here that you are the first person who has actually said that
you've had good seed from them some years.  At least I now know that SOME
years they may be good, thereby making it worthwhile trying them again
sometime in the future.  Even standing up for them as you do you would have
to admit that only ONE positive versus many negative reports isn't exactly
a glowing recommendation.  However, at least YOUR report gives me hope for
the future and the probability to try again.  Thank you for that


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