A. candidissimum

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I believe that "candidissimum" has some reference to whiteness or purity.

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I don't think that there is one particular white A. candidissimum that can
be called "album".... You describe a white-striped form with some maroon at
the base but I have seen so many forms that I think it is fair to say that
you possibly can get any combination of pink, purple, green and white in A.
candidissimum. I grow a form with a green tube and an all-white spathe
without any maroon on the tube but I have also seen all-pink forms, pink
with green forms (no white!), all green forms, green forms with a
spathe tip & pink tube base and so on. Because A. candidissimum seems so
variable it might be wise to give certain colour forms a cultivar name as
long as the form associated with that cultivar name is well-documented. If
that's the case with "album" remains to be seen, moreover because the name
"album" doesn't seem suitable for this purpose as Latin designations are
usually not accepted as a cultivar name.


I don't know why that form was ever called album - presumably because of
the absence of any pink. It is mainly green and white striped with some
maroon at the foot of the spathe tube and again at the tip. Sorry I
don't have a photo of it to send you - have you got a photo of your one?

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