A. candidissimum

Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sun Jun 24 01:17:06 CEST 2001

>spathe tip & pink tube base and so on. Because A. candidissimum seems so
>variable it might be wise to give certain colour forms a cultivar name as
>long as the form associated with that cultivar name is well-documented. If

Howdy All,

I didn't realise that A. candidissimum was variable.  Do seeds of these
variable varieties throw true, or are they just unstable and throw an
ocassional oddity?  I'd always thought that they were just the pink and
white striped.  Are seeds ever offered for sale of the various varieties?
(although if they are unstable as I mentioned above then that'd be pretty
pointless as there'd be no better chance than normal seed).

Very interesting to learn that there are different forms to watch out for.
Glad this topic came up.  Thanks.


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