Mellard, David dam7 at CDC.GOV
Mon Jun 11 13:32:07 CEST 2001

>I'm afraid to move them, they've done so well there. Wish I could say the
>same for the parent.

In Atlanta, where our Zone 7 winters are very wet, I've decided to plant my
Arisaema in sand.
Specifically, I add an inch or so of sand to the hole before planting the
Arisaema and then cover the Arisaema with more sand.  I'm hoping that the
added drainage will protect the tuber from wet, winter rot.

I leave all of my Arisaema out for the winter in the beds prepared for them.
They seem to be doing ok, although I've probably lost some over the years.
I assume it's to winter rot.  Since I do not have the energy to dig
everything up each fall, I thought the added sand layer might do the trick.


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