Aroid Hardy List

Petra Schmidt petra at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM
Fri Jun 1 19:23:03 CEST 2001

To: Aroid Growers

We are updating our list of temperate aroid hardiness; the list follows.  We
are interested in actual cold temperatures (WITHOUT snow cover), the zone
and city/state location in which these temperature were recorded, and the
plant recorded.  Results will again be posted to the IAS website.  Also
include any other notes related to aroid cold survival and reply to Petra's
email address (petra at    Thanks for your help with this
Tony Avent

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Note:  You can use "cut/paste" to save the list to a file of your choice or
you can load the list to a spreadsheet.

calamus (zone 3)
gramineus (zone 5)

californica (zone 8 Raleigh NC)10F
cucullata (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
mexicana (zone 8b Gainesville, FLA)
micholitziana (zone 8b Gainesville, FLA)
odora (sold as A. macrorrhizos)zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
wentii (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
'Hilo Beauty' (zone 9)
'Portadora' (zone 8b)

bulbifer (zone 7 Raleigh, NC) 2F
konjac (zone 6b Springdale, AK) -15F
kuisianus (zone 7a MD) 0F
napalensis (zone 7b Raleigh NC)0F
odoratus (zone 7b Raleigh NC) 10F
paeoniifolius (zone 7 Greensboro, NC) 2F

amurense (5-9? zone 5b Northboro, MA) -15F
candidissimum (zone 5a Northboro) -20F
caudatum (zone 8b Hamilton, NZ) 15F
ciliatum (zone 5a Toronto, CA) -20F
concinnum (zone 6, Springdale, AK) -10F
consanguineum (zone 5a Hubbardston,MA) -20F
costatum (zone 7-9 RI) 0F
dilitatum ?
dracontium (zone 4, Canada) -40F
ehimense (zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
elephas ?
engleri (zone 7, Raleigh NC) 10F
erubescens (zone 8b Hamilton, NZ) 15F
exappendiculatum (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F
fargesii (zone 6 Kansas City, MO) -15F
flavum (zone 5 Northboro, MA) -20F
formosanum ?
franchetianum (zone 5b Ithaca, NY) -15F
fraternum (zone 7 Wrexham, ENG) 5F
galeatum (zone 7 RI) 0F
griffithii (zone 6-9? RI) 0F
hachijoense (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
helleborifolium (zone 7b Wrexham, ENG) 10F
heterocephalum zone 8?
heterophyllum (zone 5 Girard) -25F
intermedium (zone 7-9 RI) 0F
iyoanum (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
jacquemontii (zone 5b North Reading, MA) -20F
japonica (syn: serratum) (zone 5 Northboro, MA) -20F
kishidae (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
kelung-insularis (zone 7 Raleigh, NC) 10F
kiushianum (zone 6 Lewisberry, PA) -10F
lobatum (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 10F
macrospathum (zone 7 RI) 0F
maximowiczii (zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
negishii (zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
nepenthoides (zone 6b-9? Dover, DE) -5F
ochraceum (zone 7-9 RI) 0F
peninsulae (zone 7-9, RI) 0F
propinquum (zone 7-9?) (zone 8b Hamilton, NZ) 15F
ringens (zone 5 Girard) -25F
ringens forma glaucescens (zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
robustum (zone 6 York, PA) -15F
saxatile (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 10F
sazensoo (zone 6b)0F
serratum (zone 5b York, PA) -15F
sikokianum (zone 4 Minneapolis, MN) -35F
sikokianum x takedae (zone 6b Washington DC) -5F
speciosum (zone 7 RI) 0F
taiwanense (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F
takadae (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
tashiroi (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
ternatipartitum (zone 6b)
thunbergii (zone 5-9? Northboro, MA) -10F
thunbergii ssp. urashima (Zone 5, Ithaca NY) -25F
tosaense (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
tortuosum (zone 6 Oswego, NY) -10F
triphyllum (zone 3 Canada) -40F
triphyllum ssp. stewardsonii (zone 4, Canada) -40F
verrucosum (zone 7-9?)
wattii (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 10F
yamatense (zone 5 Lewisberry, PA) 0F
yunnanense (zone 7 RI) 0F

proboscideum (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -15F
simmorhinum (zone 7 Raleigh, NC) 0F
vulgare (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F

ARUM - 26sp
concinnatum (zone 6 Springdale, AR) 5F
conphalloides (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F
creticum (zone 7 RI) 0F
cyrenaicum (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 10F
dioscoridis (zone 6 Kansas City, MO) -10F
dioscoridis cyprium (zone 8 London, ENG) 20F
elongatum (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 9F
idaeum (zone 8 London, ENG) 20F
italicum (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -15F
italicum x maculatum (zone 5)
maculatum (zone 5, Ithaca, NY) -25F
nickelii ?
orientale (zone 6, Kansas City, MO) -20F
orientale ssp. sintensii (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F
palaestinum (zone 5, Toronto, CA) -20F
pictum (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 9F
purpureospathum (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 9F
rupicola rupicola (zone 8 London, ENG) 20F

BIARUM -15sp
davisii (zone 7 Raleigh, NC) 3F
tenuifolium (zone 6 Kansas City, MO) -10F

mexicanum (zone 8 Gainesville, FL)

CALLA -1sp
palustris (zone 4, Wisconsin) -30F

affinis 'Jenningsii' (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F
escul.'Antiquorum Illustris' (zone 7 Raleigh, NC) -9F
esculenta (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
esculenta var. aequitalis (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 0F
esculenta 'Black Magic' (zone 7b Raleigh NC) 0F
esculenta 'Burgundy Stem' (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
esculenta 'Chicago Harlequin' (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 9F
esculenta 'Fontanesii' (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
esculenta 'Ruffles' (zone 7 Anniston, AL) 0F
fallax (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
gaoligongshaensis (zone 7 Raleigh NC) 9F
gigantea (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F


canariensis ?
vulgaris (zone 5b St. Louis, MO, Springdale AR)-15F

spiculatum (zone 7 Raleigh) 3F

boivinii (zone 9 New Orleans, LA)

muscivorus (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F

americanus (zone 6 Springdale, AR) 0F
camtschatcensis (zone 6 Springdale, AR) 0F

aquaticum (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -10F

sagittifolia (zone 7 RHS)
virginica (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -10F

selloum (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F

cordata (zone 5b North Reading, MA) -10F
integrifolia (?)
pedatisecta (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -10F
ternata (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -10F
tripartita (zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -10F
tripartita 'Atropurpurea' (zone 5, Ithaca NY) -25F

vivipara (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F

venosum (syn: Typhonium)(zone 5b Springdale, AR) -15F

foetidus (zone 4 St. Louis, MO)(zone 4 RHS) -25F

vermitoxicus - ?

lindleyanum ?

divaricatum (zone ?)
giganteum (zone 5b Kansas City, MO) -15F

atrovirens (zone 8 Baton Rouge, LA)
sagittifolium (zone 8, 10F)

zamiifolia (zone 9 New Orleans, LA)

aethiopica (zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
rehmannii (zone 6 Springdale, AR) 5F
'Flame' (zone 6 Springdale, AR) 5F

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